Do You Like To Inspire Others?
Want To Work On An International Scale?

If so, then the Career China Campus Ambassador Program may be for you

Did You Know?

College students have more opportunities than ever to take their future careers in new directions. Beyond local job opportunities, many students don’t realize they can go big…by going international.

Career China is looking for campus ambassadors at your University to share this message on campus.

Your Role as a Campus Ambassador

Bring our global brand to your local campus community through networking, presentations, social media, and campus events to inform your peers about job opportunities in China after graduation.

Highlights of the Program

Gain international working experience with a major global company

Nurture a cultural connection between your classmates, campus community and China

Network, attend & create events, promote jobs & educate about job opportunities in China

Earn money while building your resume with practical, transferable skills

Check Out Our Campus Events

Every month Campus Ambassadors host fun events on University campuses, such as karaoke parties and calligraphy lessons. These events are a great way to be more involved on campus, and they also help ambassadors connect with students who may be interested in traveling and working in China.

May 15th
UACE Statewide Alumni Career Fair
May 15th
Rubber City Radio Group Job Fairs

Past Events

Meet Our Ambassadors

Cici Woods


Ni hao! My name is Cici and I’m a BYU Sophomore studying International Relations. I love to travel, explore and see the world, which is exactly what drew me to Career China. Additionally, my favorite food is fried dumplings, my favorite color is purple, and I met my husband Kamaron in a Chinese 101 class.

Alimah Ahmad


My name is Alimah Ahmad and I am a graduate of Southwestern Oklahoma State University in Weatherford, Oklahoma. I am currently pursuing a Master of Public Health degree. As a Campus Ambassador I hope to connect talented individuals with a life changing opportunity. Teaching English in China is a great way for recent graduates to impact the lives of others and also a way for them to learn about Chinese culture.



Hello, my name is Genevieve! I’m a student at the University of Oregon. My goal is to connect with others and present exciting possibilities for those who want to work in China! I see every moment as an opportunity to grow and learn new things. I want to acquire new skills while enhancing my current ones through Career China. As a Regional Lead Campus Ambassador, I hope to do this job to the best of my ability.

Leeya Gordy


Hello, my name is Leeya Gordy! I’m a psychology student at DCCC. My biggest goal is to make friends from around the world and become a polyglot! I see every moment as a learning experience and way to improve one’s self. I hope to help bridge connections internationally via Career China in order to help promote world peace. As a Regional Lead Campus Ambassador, I will use my knowledge to guide wishful thinkers and those who never dreamed of traveling all the way to China!

Omar Meroli


Hello my name is Omar Meroli! I’m a chemistry/psychology student at ATU. My goal is to provide you with the opportunity to make an adventure of your life! I see every moment as a chance to learn, grow and expand horizons. I want to guide you thru Career China. As a Regional Lead Campus Ambassador, I will give you the key to open the doors to your future in a foreign land, a place to grow in, learn in, and fall in Love??!! A place to call home. Welcome to your future, today. Welcome to Career China.

Davon Calloway


Hi my name is Davon Calloway, and I work with the wonderful company career China. I’m still learning my way around everything, and can ensure that getting the job done is always my priority. This job is not only a great opportunity, but you can also have some major fun on the way. I wanted to become a CA because it not only gave me some new knowledge to gain upon, but I knew I’d receive an amazing offer that not many places could possibly offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ambassadors will be responsible for interview bookings for graduating seniors and recent graduates who demostrate interest in working in China. In addition, ambassadors are responsible for collaboratively designing and executing a campus marketing plan customized for your campus with the Career China marketing team and conducting duties both online and offline.

Facebook Group/Instagram Operation, etc

Personal Drop-ins/Event Planning, etc

Competitive Monetary Compensations


Skill Enhancement

Enhance your leadership, marketing and communication skills, and creativity in an entrepreneurial environment

International working experience

Work with a global team and boost your resume as well as competitiveness in an international market

Multi-cultural working environment

Work with people from all over the world with various cultural backgrounds

Career China has a platform that allows Campus Ambassadors to submit candidates and book interviews for them. Once you are hired, you will have an account and can submit candidates and book interviews on there.

5-10 hours / week not including the meetings, flexible on your own pace

Become a Campus Ambassador

Do you want to be a life-changer? Do you have the urge to inspire people and make a difference? Are you ambitious and want to have a voice in the global market? The “Career China Campus Ambassador Program” is designed just for you!